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For over a decade the forex markets and the idea of generating consistent profit from currency market movements has fascinated our CEO Reuben James. Puli Trading is the culmination of this decade of fascination, trial, testing, failing, learning, engineering, creating and ultimately dreaming then succeeding.

Why we do what we do at Puli Trading

As a business we at Puli Trading will profit from leveraging our clients’ money, however this is not the only reason why we do what we do.

Puli Trading was created to be able to share this dream with the world. A dream where people can invest a relatively moderate amount of money and potentially generate a life changing income in just a few short years, so you don’t have to wait a lifetime to see it happen.   We look forward with great anticipation to hearing 1000’s of stories across the world in the years to come, where Puli Trading has helped our investors and their families live better lives.

We aim to do all of this with full transparency, proof of trades and regulation. We believe a business should be ran with integrity, full accountability and want to be seen as an example in the forex industry of how we believe business should be conducted. And as a result, we also want to help educate people as to what they should look out for, to help identify, scams, poor quality systems and structures.

Here at Puli trading we also love giving people the opportunity to not just learn and earn through their own investments, but to earn through sharing the word of Puli and potentially build their own additional income through being a Puli Trading Affiliate.

At Puli trading we are not just in the business of trading and earning but in the business of mindset. We hope that all our clients learn important age-old trading and investment principles through us, such as the following:

At Puli Trading we aim to be an Investor’s Best Friend.

We Proudly Support

Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice exists to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society.

LAST YEAR THEIR WORK REACHED 199,894 children and adults

UK Charity number: 1126097


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